I’ve done years of therapies ~ they took me to the place of transformation, but never the transformation. Amiel walks with you through the transformation!

Amiel’s clairvoyant powers affirm and validate knowledge already deep within me; her readings give me new perspectives in which to regard my life experiences. Her power is in her compassionate witnessing as well as in the tools she offers. She is a seer who supports individual journeys, bringing us collectively into the light.

In her intuitive bodywork, Amiel combines clairvoyant abilities with touch to move energy, release blocks and yes, resolve physical and emotional pain. I experienced a profound healing in which chronic pain improved by 80% after one particular session. It continues to improve.

Amiel is serious in intent while her approach can be light and playful at times, always nonjudgmental, always compassionate. My attitude, perspective and posture have changed and continue to change. I feel more joy, more humor, more connectedness, more vitality, and more self-acceptance and self-respect.

Journey into the light with Amiel by your side!

~ J.E.,

I contacted Amiel after finding out I needed to change jobs. I was panicked to the point that I literally could not think straight; I was in a really dark place and a rapid downward spiral. Everyone I turned to for help provided platitudes and idioms, which made me descend faster into my downward spiral. I then had a session with Amiel. During that conversation she asked me questions, made observations, and added perspectives that no one else had. I was in awe as to the depth of observations and perspectives she made from the little information I had given her. I was also in awe in finding that those observations and perspectives were actually inside me all along; they were in a place within me that I could not access, until our conversation. Amiel helped guide me to my power, my intelligence, my abilities. I am now proceeding in this life transformation from a place of clarity, ability and power.

~ Jason Spafford

Amiel Landor is an exceptional spiritual counselor and teacher. In the last year I have had the opportunity to work with Amiel in a variety of circumstances. I have observed her as a group teacher and have also received personal sessions. She has the power to discern what is beyond the range of the human senses.

The most powerful event was witnessing her work with my nine year old adopted daughter. Amiel was compassionate and caring. She spoke with my daughter in a language that a nine year old could understand and allowed my daughter to feel heard and witnessed. She assisted my daughter in releasing her current and past feelings of self-disapproval. At the end of the session there was an observable difference in my daughter’s self-awareness.

Amiel is dedicated to her own spiritual growth and to the spiritual growth of others. To be with her in session is working with a Master.

~ Cathy Brooksie Edwards,
North Carolina

Amiel is the full package, an experienced professional with heart! Her work has been both helpful and informative to me as I have stepped into myself as the leader of an international trip. She is clear, insightful and knowledgeable.

~ Mary Tuchscherer, founder and CEO of VoiceFlame

Amiel was a pure blessing in helping me find my way out of a rut and back into the joy of every day living. With her gentle guidance, I am once again on the path to realizing my goals. Heartfelt gratitude for this amazing and brilliant woman. What she showed me how to do for myself will last a lifetime.

~ Lisa Rowell,

I have never experienced such a deep movement of energy before as I did during Amiel’s massage session. Her practice of asking poignant questions and reading my body’s energy really helped me to relax deep muscles and experience a more profound connection to my own body and mind. I found myself pondering the session days after and appreciating every moment. Her calm and grounded presence made me feel comfortable and safe, and I look forward to going back for more sessions. Thank you so much, Amiel!

~ Claire Goodwin,

Amiel is extremely dynamic and tuned-in! She has deep wisdom, a ton of compassion, and a great sense of humor. I always feel like we get to the real meat of the matter, the blindspot that has been eluding me, during our sessions. She nails it every time, and I leave with clear, practical next steps so I can move forward gracefully. Thank you Amiel for being such a great ally over the years!

~ Dr. Suzanne Schiller,
Los Angeles, CA

With her rare curiosity, wisdom, and compassion Amiel always amazes me with her knowledge and care of the world outside the one that she lives in. Her care for others and willingness to help is of the highest I know and is an example to the huge healer that she is. She can create miracles!

~ Michal Druckman,

I recently had to make a decision to return to a previous career in the U.S. that I loved that required extensive travel, or remain in a career as a diplomat with the U.S. Foreign Service living abroad. The decision weighed heavily upon my family and me. Amiel guided me through the decision making process, asking poignant questions about who my decision would benefit the most and how. Her analysis allowed me to logically and strategically decide between a job versus a career. This helped bring peace to my decision to remain in the Foreign Service.

~ Billy Woodward, U.S. Diplomat,

After working closely with Amiel while in the middle of a career change,  I co-founded an Education Technology company called Bright Bot that monitors how students use mobile applications in the classroom. By leveraging my experience in the classroom, I served as the linchpin between our programmers, data scientists, and educators to design and build an amazing product that provides meaningful data to teachers and school districts. Without the structured method of self-discovery provided by Amiel, I wouldn’t have been able to reflect on my past experiences and use them to discover my passions. Using this foundation, I’ve been able to change the way I look at my career and build things I would have never previously imagined.

~ Owen Willis,
District of Columbia

I came to Amiel to better understand my body and being through tantra; and she helped crack me open mentally and physically. I never experienced the sensations or understood the power of tantra until I had sessions with Amiel. I was nervous and excited ~ as this was totally uncharted territory ~ but she made me feel at ease and relaxed from the beginning! She has a truly warm and empathetic approach and is an amazing listener and body worker. She helps you be in the present moment. In my first session I was absolutely floored by the progress I had achieved ~ I left looking at the world with a new lens. I highly recommend Amiel as a holistic healer for anyone intrigued by tantric practice.

~ John A.


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