Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings are a warm ‘hello’ to your Spirit or soul. They are a reading of the subtle energy in, around, and beyond your body. As a trained Intuitive, I tap into the abundance of your spiritual information and then translate that into a language you are able to hear and integrate.

Tantric Bodywork

Tantra is a way of life ~ it is life force manifested! Tantra is about being engaged with all of you ~ your breath, your spirit, your sexuality, your emotions, your core self. It is life force flowing through all parts of you, and you saying Yes to life.

Big Light Podcasts

As an Intuitive, teacher, and spiritual explorer I want to give voice to the energy and Spirit world in a format that allows people to be curious and explore with me. In these podcasts I am excited to look at energies that we face daily and bring some humanity, humor, and more truth.


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