Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings are a warm ‘hello’ to your Spirit or soul. They are a reading of the subtle energy in, around, and beyond your body. As a trained Intuitive, I tap into the abundance of your spiritual information and then translate that into a language you are able to hear and integrate.

Relationship Guidance

My foundation is from a spiritual perspective. We look at the original ‘contract’ for why each person came to the relationship and then what needs to be updated or ‘upshifted’ in present time. Inquiries can include: What are the lessons and gifts you are learning through this relationship? What would you like to communicate that has been hard to say? What truth are you overriding in order to stay in the relationship or ‘not rock the boat’? What would it look like to remember the other person’s divinity or best self?

Classes & Workshops

On a group level, there is collective power when people gather together who want to evolve individually but in a group context. There is learning and heightened awareness because more people are saying, “Yes, I want this!” in a shared space. As a teacher, I believe in collaboration and co-creation. Is there support from a spiritual lens that your group could benefit from and be enhanced by? I work with a wide array of groups ~ businesses (large and small), college students, K-12 students, families, friends, or common interest groups.


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