Relationship Guidance

There are times within any relationship when communication gets stuck, the original impulse for intimacy gets lost in the pain of misunderstanding, or there is confusion about where to go next. We assume that love will carry a relationship but in fact, love brings us together while hard work keeps us together ~ ‘hard work’ in the sense of conscious awareness of your own feelings, and deep listening to those of your partner or beloved. 

Everyone wants to be heard and seen. Learning to see yourself and honor your own needs and desires first gives you more bandwidth and capacity to see someone else. Often we expect our beloved to fulfill our needs and desires. When we start the process of doing that for ourselves, then we lessen the expectation that the other will do that for us. From there, anything our beloved gives us, is a gift.

My foundation is from a spiritual perspective. We look at the original ‘contract’ for why each person came to the relationship and then what needs to be updated or ‘upshifted’ in present time. Inquiries can include: What are the lessons and gifts you are learning through this relationship? What would you like to communicate that has been hard to say? What truth are you overriding in order to stay in the relationship or ‘not rock the boat’? What would it look like to remember the other person’s divinity or best self?

I work with people in a myriad of connections: married, open partnerships, friendships, and familial relations. I support people who have a strong bond and want to heal any divisiveness.

All my sessions are organic, exploratory, and safely held. I utilize a combination of clairvoyance, psychology, and teaching to guide you. We will find solutions together.

I have been working deeply with people for over 21 years. If you come to the sessions with curiosity, openness, and a willingness to change, transformation can readily happen!

Sessions are over the phone or in person at my Northampton, MA office.


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