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Welcome to Big Light Podcasts: Reflections On Living Into Your Soul’s Essence.

    As an Intuitive, teacher, and spiritual explorer I want to give voice to the energy and Spirit world in a format that allows people to be curious and explore with me. In these podcasts I am excited to look at energies that we face daily and bring some humanity, humor, and more truth. We are often influenced by internal stories, cultural and familial paradigms, and ancestral stirrings. By unearthing these influences, we receive more clarity about who we are and hopefully more enthusiasm for the expression of our true selves.

    We live in a world that constantly asks us to make choices. I believe that we come into the world with a unique soul; however, over time it gets covered up by many other energies and others’ beliefs. It is a courageous journey to live life and make choices from a place of authenticity, self-love, and passion. My desire with these podcasts is to bring more brightness, acceptance, and compassion to this unfolding journey.

    I have been doing mock podcasts in my living room for years, talking to ‘people’ as they lounge on the living room furniture. It was my way of expressing outward the many downloads of spiritual information that came to me. Spirit finally said “Enough already with the imaginary people! Rehearsal time is up.” I now have to get over the ‘naked on stage’ dreams and just dive in!

    My aspiration is that we ~ as a global community ~ can explore together. I am moved to play in this realm and further bring forth into the collective untapped creativity, inspiration, and freedom. I hope it serves as a catalyst and an awakening to your own essence and soul’s song.

    If you like what you hear, please pass the podcast along! Feel free to leave comments if you are inspired by something or would like to share your experience.

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