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People often ask, “What do you do?” This is a tricky question in our culture, for many reasons, but where I take pause is my own response to it.

The unedited version is that I am a spiritual leader, teacher, and guide.

People commonly have pictures and feelings associated with those words, and I, too, have had to wrestle with my choice to use them.

After 21 years of intensive exploration of Spirit, however, I would say that ‘leadership’ simply means I am willing to explore uncharted territory in energy realms and share what I have learned. In effect, I am a guide who helps others access those deep parts within, as well as holds sacred space for people to grow, evolve, and heal.

I do this work with individuals, couples, and groups. On a group level, there is collective power when people gather together who want to evolve individually but in a group context. There is learning and heightened awareness because more people are saying, “Yes, I want this!” in a shared space.

As a teacher, I believe in collaboration and co-creation. Is there support from a spiritual lens that your group could benefit from and be enhanced by? I work with a wide array of groups ~ businesses (large and small), college students, K-12 students, families, friends, or common interest groups.

I address issues from a wider perspective that acknowledges and incorporates each individual’s truth and authenticity. I teach meditation tools and concepts, as well as inquiries into the nature of Spirit. We use this platform to engage internally together so that each person can learn, change, and flourish.

We live in a time that calls for a broader lens, one that highlights compassion, autonomy, and humor. I find these essential to the quality of my teaching and guidance. I am excited to bring my leadership and experience to your group so that your participants may achieve greater clarity, awareness, and transformation!


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