Student Success

Every student learns differently. I am an advocate, ally, and coach to students who are challenged by traditional methods of learning.

Too often very bright and creative students give up on learning because they are not seen and recognized for their strengths, and are often demoralized for their vulnerabilities or differences.

I work closely with students to support them in their academic challenges. I see the whole student: their strengths and their struggles. I help create individualized systems to support a student’s vulnerabilities. In this way, they can have a solid foundation that holds their natural intelligence and inherent creativity.

Depending on the student, we collaborate to:

  • Create a system of organization to reduce anxiety and to help maintain consistency
  • Help with writing assignments, from initial idea brainstorming to editing the final version
  • Map out assignments so that they get completed on time
  • Research how to utilize as many resources as possible
  • Establish clear communication between the student, parents, and teachers
  • Teach a student how to advocate for their unique strengths in any learning environment
  • Create and execute a plan to take their next successful steps

I mostly work with teenagers, young adults, and adult learners. I am passionate about supporting students who do not necessarily ‘fit in’. There are many ways to learn and we are all gifted with varying expressions of intelligence. Every student is a unique contribution to this world!