There is a phenomenon in the natural world wherein a poisonous plant is not far from the antidote plant, which will counteract and neutralize the poison. Both plants live in the same sphere, not mocking one another but rather suggesting that wholeness is inherent. Their mutual existence suggests that natural balance is always available.

Like the natural world, people carry both their vulnerabilities and their strengths within them. However, when a person is too stuck in their vulnerabilities or can only perceive a problem, the solution is lost to them. Their strengths, like the antidote, is right in their sphere but sometimes the problem overtakes the capacity to see and utilize their wholeness.

With Transformational Consulting, I am able to see your wholeness and bring you back to the solution. I work closely with you to help clear blocks that keep you from seeing yourself, and thus remind you of your inherent and brilliant uniqueness. I am a guide, an advocate, a practical mystic.

Transformational Consulting is for those who want to change. It is a powerful and empowering process that allows you to become the heroine and hero of your own life.  It is a courageous journey. The freedom that comes from the alchemy of transformation is exquisite.

I work in person and over the phone.