Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings are a warm ‘hello’ to your Spirit or soul. They are a reading of the subtle energy in, around, and beyond your body. As a trained Intuitive, I tap into the abundance of your spiritual information and then translate that into a language you are able to hear and integrate.

In a Reading, I look at the energy of your questions or desires that you are curious about ~ your relationship space, your career, a health concern, a desired trip, your mission or purpose, a creative endeavor, someone who has passed over, a next step, and sometimes just a hello to who you are in present time! These are just a few areas; I can read the energy of anything you bring to the table.

I am a translator of energy or Spirit. In essence, all things have energy and I simply read what is in front of me. As a spiritual teacher, I bring you tools and creative strategies to guide you in seeing yourself from a place of clarity, expansion, and kindness.

Intuitive Readings are a wonderful way to bring parts of you into consciousness. So often people have an intuition about something but cannot quite nail it down or put it into words. You have a higher self or higher soul that is guiding you, and I work in relationship with that part to bring information into clarity and knowingness for you. This process is also a healing; when we bring light to all parts of ourselves we then have the choice and ability to integrate those parts, calling in our own sheer brilliance!

An Intuitive Reading is an engaging, enlivening, and healing process wherein your core essence is seen, validated, and deeply honored.

All readings are recorded, as the information can be very rich and worth re-listening to.